Energy Consulting

We help our customers understand the various energy/ water options that are available, identify the options that will provide the type and volume of energy/ water they require, and then help them secure that energy/ water at the most cost-effective price possible. This often means spending some time with our customer to assess his or her needs, then presenting a design based on most reliable and cost effective options.


We provide a turnkey solution to our client. Knowing the difficulty of the areas where we work and the challenges that our client face, we decided to put together a turnkey solution that exceed their expectation. This is because we are a distributor for established brands, we have well stocked warehouses, fully equipped workshops, well trained technicians & engineers and we understand the local context. That is why we guarantee you the following:

1. Rapid Development
2. Affordability
3. Easy Administration
4. Reliable after sale service

Training & Mentorship

As an industry leader, we provide training and mentorship geared towards development of the industry. We run quarterly trainings for working engineers, graduate engineers and technicians working in the Renewable Energy Industry.

The training covers design, installation, operations and maintenance of Solar Powered Pumping Systems (SPPS), Off-grid Solar, On Grid Solar, Mini-grid, Solar Cold Chains, & Solar Street Lighting. To make this training successful we collaborate with Universities, Government and Developmental agencies such as GIZ, Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) and Somali Stability Fund (SSF).

Our Clients