Solar Pumps for Irrigation

Farmers use irrigation pumps to ensure adequate &
consistent water supply for their crop


Safe Drinking Water

Our solar water purification systems save lives.
It can produce enough pure, clean drinking water
for up to 500 people per day.

As a leading Renewable Energy and Water solution and service provider, we offer a best in class combination of products integration, know-how and services. So no matter what your needs are, we will create a personalized solution with our seamlessly integrated product portfolio.

Solar For Drinking Water

Water is life. Availability of clean and safe water may be taken for granted in some parts of the world. However, in rural Africa, having clean and safe water is a privilege that very few have access to. This has to change and we are very passionate in being part of the change. Our solutions is based on reliable technology and it is affordable and sustainable.


Famine in the 20th in a continent with rivers and underground water and abundant sunshine is not acceptable. We are determined to transform how irrigation is done in African continent. It can be done. We have already done it. What remains is scaling up the same success.

Solar Cold Chain

Africa is facing energy challenges. This makes farming, livestock and fisheries a very expensive venture. There is huge losses due to lack of cold chains to store and transport perishable commodities. We have custom made solar based cold chain solutions for vaccines, milk, meat, fish, vegetables and fruits. Our systems range from very small to large scale solutions.

Street Lighting

Lighting up of streets increase security and business hours. This has been demonstrated through the many projects that has been implemented across the continent. However, there has been a lot of challenges due to poor design, low quality equipment and lack of maintenance. With our vast experience, we can help you deliver high quality, cost effective and sustainable project.

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